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Join the Winbig Affiliates Revenue-Share Program today. And start to increase your Profit Share with us. Winbig Affiliates operates under various commission structures: Revenue Share & hybrid, our default commission is revenue share. However, the other commission structures Hybrid are negotiable.

Earn 40% of CASINO GROSS REVENUE for the first three months, regardless of overall player volume.


Monthly Player Volume Commission % Earned
10 to 20 25%
21 to 30 30%
31 to 50 40%
60 and above 45%

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any other type of deal, including but not limited to CPA, please contact us.


Multi Tier Monthly % of your sub-affiliates earnings
1-Tier 8%
2-Tier 5%

By referring other affiliates to Winbig affiliates, you are entitled to a commission of the net gaming generated by your sub-affiliates.